About Us


The Village of Pleasant Prairie’s 2008 annual calendar, which featured glimpses of the southeastern Wisconsin community’s historic past, had stirred residents’ emotions and thus their desire to begin preserving their local heritage. Encouraged by initial funding from the Elizabeth J. Riley Charitable Trust, a group of residents organized the Pleasant Prairie Historical Society with the mission to “Preserve the Past and Educate the Future.”

In 2011, the volunteer-based Society established the operational framework and policies that will guide its preservation efforts. Since its beginning, the membership has grown to about 90 individuals. The Society has held annual meetings, community gatherings with guest speakers, educational outings and “What’s Cooking” events to foster deeper community engagement.During 2012, the Society’s direction changed with the announcement at the Society’s annual meeting that the Elizabeth J. Riley Charitable Trust had acquired the historic Dublin School house located at 3875 116th Street in Pleasant Prairie. The 1927 brick, two-room school house then became the new home for the Pleasant Prairie Historical Society. This generous donation turned what had been a distant dream into a solid reality. After months of site work and minor maintenance, the Dublin School building reopened its doors to the public as the new home of the Pleasant Prairie Historical Society.

An Open House was held at the Dublin School on September 7, 2013. More than 300 people toured the building, enjoyed a picnic, and shared stories of life in Pleasant Prairie and their memories of attending Dublin School. Many brought old photographs of class photos, past school events, and former classmates. When Dr. Anthony Bisciglia, the final Dublin School Principal, rang the old brass bell to bring the community guests into the school, he was surrounded by many of his former students. Dr. Bisciglia gave his recollection of the old school days in the school’s “Chalk Board” room and provided an interesting, informative and fun perspective of life as principal, teacher, and student in both the Dublin School and others schools in the district’s past.

As fundraising dollars are raised, the Society hopes to complete renovation work at the Dublin School. Further work must be done before the Society can realize its next dream of converting it into a museum and community gathering space. With the help of Society members and friends, neighbors and generous community partners, and the local community events are being planned to continue to raise funds towards the effort.  Be a Part of the Story.

The future Society offices will be located at the Dublin School located at 3875 116th Street, Pleasant Prairie.  Currently the School is undergoing various renovation projects and is open for viewing by appointment only.